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Most-read blog posts of 2022

As 2022, draws to a close we thought we would look back over the past year of blog posts:

we have published 39 blogs with a total of 15,835 views on our site

(before we publish this one!)

but obviously we can't tell how many additional views there are when posted on other sites.

In case you missed them first time round

here are the top 6 most-viewed blogs of 2022

In 6th Place:

"With only about 25,000 weekly attendees, it might be an exaggeration to describe the Province of the Church in Wales as a microcosm of the Anglican Communion, but a micro-microcosm doesn’t seem to be a thing. There are single dioceses in the GSFA that are at least five times the size..."

In 5th Place:

"An Englishman, a Welshman and a Scotsman went… Ah, but this was serious. Surpassingly serious. Spiritually serious. Because each man was about to be consecrated as a bishop of the Anglican Network in Europe (ANiE)...."

In 4th Place:

Plural Truth: How Might It Play Out? (Part 3 of our Plural Truth series)

"The English are in a unique position in the Anglican Communion. Not only is the Archbishop of Canterbury one of the four “Instruments of Communion”, he is also our Primate. It is not without difficulty for him that when he speaks, he does so in both capacities. Other provinces’ Primates and presbyters can ignore his views in favour of their own Primate and bishops, indeed they do so, but we cannot..."

In 3rd Place:

"All of today's relentless spin by the Lambeth team, cannot disguise the fact that the Archbishop of Canterbury, unilaterally declared human sexuality to be adiaphora - 'a thing indifferent'..."

In 2nd Place:

"As new, or even potential, leaders in the school camp networks that were Smyth and Fletcher’s powerbase, young men were expected to accept, “constructive criticism” from more senior men. Some of the criticism was public and brutal. Some of it was in intense one-to-one interactions. All leaders need help to become better leaders and often the younger that starts, the better, but that is not the primary purpose of this type of “constructive criticism”, which works as follows..."

In 1st place:

"However, important as issues of human sexuality are in our day and age, buried within Lambeth Call: Reconciliation, at the start of the ‘Declaration’, is a sentence that is far more troubling: ‘We believe in God who is both three and one, who holds difference and unity in the heart of God’s being, as Father, Son and Holy Spirit’..."


A few 'award ceremony' thank-yous

Thank you to all our blog writers - whether you made it into the Top-6 or not.

You help us all think about the future.

Many thanks to all who have read our blogs, shared our blogs, attended events or used our services. If you aren't convinced these were the best blogs, remember to share the things you find helpful!

Many of our 'most-viewed' posts were written as part of our coverage of the Lambeth Conference - thank you to all who donated funds to enable us to be in Canterbury.

We are also grateful to English Churchman, David Virtue and Anglican Ink for sharing our posts more widely, although these figures are based on those who read posts on our website and do not include those who have read the material on other websites.

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