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Media Statements

The Church of England's statement today

is illogical, lamentable and predictable


Anglican Futures prepares to provide practical and pastoral support to faithful Anglicans.

Today’s media statement from the Church of England is illogical, and as lamentable as it was predictable. 

Offering prayers of blessing to those in same-sex marriages, while claiming to maintain the doctrine of Holy Matrimony as a marriage between one man and one woman for life is illogical.

It is lamentable because it denies the gospel and will please no one.

It is predictable because, as Anglican Futures set out in October 21, it has been evident for at least 18 months that this was the most likely path for the bishops to take. 

We will have to see the detail but at the moment it seems that the bishops have provided no support for clergy whose conscience does not allow them to offer such prayers.

Susie Leafe, Director of Anglican Futures, said, “The idea that celebrating ‘equal civil marriage’ will not undermine ‘Holy Matrimony’ is laughable.  Anglican Futures is already providing practical and pastoral support to faithful Anglicans, as they reassess their relationship with the bishops of the Church of England, this announcement is likely to bring many more enquiries.”


Responding to this statement -


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