Meet Some of the Team


Canon Phil Ashey


Phil’s focus and passion is to develop Biblically faithful leaders at all levels of the Church -  both in North America, where he serves in the ACNA, and across the Anglican Communion. In 2015 he received his LLM in Canon Law from Cardiff University.  Phil leads the Lawyers Networks in ACNA and Gafcon. He is also the author of 'Anglican Conciliarism: The Church Meeting to Decide Together'.

Phil is married to Julie and they have a son, three daughters and a daughter-in-law.

jessie round.png

Mrs Susie Leafe


Susie has spent the last ten years serving faithful Anglicans in the UK, with a particular heart for smaller local churches. 

In 2010, she was elected to serve on the Church of England's General Synod, which led to her running the Proper Provision campaign, and then working, first as the Director of Reform, and later for Gafcon, formalising the structures of their local branch.  She also has considerable media experience, both in front of the camera or mike and behind the scenes.

She is married to Dan.


Mr Dan Leafe


Dan has over thirty years experience of church leadership.  He is clear thinking and compassionate and his commitment to 'being useful' has led him to work amongst students, train leaders, preach and support many church leaders in times of crisis.  He is a trustee of Anchor Anglican Church, Fowey, a founding congregation of the Gafcon sponsored,  Anglican Convocation in Europe.  Somehow, he does all this alongside his 'day-job,' as a barrister.  He is married to Susie.

Matthew Mason 2.jpg

Rev Matthew Mason


Matthew has pastored Anglican churches in the UK and the USA. He serves as Tutor in Christian Ethics at the Pastors' Academy in London, is a Fellow of the Chalmers Institute in St Andrews, and is working on a PhD at the University of Aberdeen on the theological relationship of prayer and human flourishing.

He's passionate about helping pastors and churches deepen their understanding of doctrine and ethics as related aspects of ministering and obeying the Word of God.

Matthew is married to Annabelle and they have three children.


Mrs Susanna Sanlon


 Susanna is passionate about children's ministry and caring for parents who have experienced the death of a child.

She and her husband, Peter, recently made the decision to come out of the Church of England, and have planted Emmanuel Anglican Church, in Tunbridge Wells

where they live.  

 In church life, Susanna serves in the children’s work, music ministry and in other practical ways along side Peter.   Professionally, she is a Town Planning Consultant, working in a practice within the town.  

Susanna and Peter have two young sons.


Rev Melvin Tinker


Melvin was Vicar of St John, Newland in Hull for 26 years and is now Director of Theology for the Christ Church Network in Hull, a group of Churches which are members of AMiE.

Melvin is a well respected international speaker and the author of over 14 books and 70 articles relating to doctrine and cultural engagement, including, 'Veiled in Flesh: The Incarnation-What it Means and Why it Matters'; 'That Hideous Strength: The Cancer of Cultural Marxism.'

He is married to Heather, has three grown up sons and eight grandchildren.

A little bit of history

Anglican Futures began during Lockdown, in 2020. 

At the time, Susie was working for Gafcon and had been seconded to help set up their UK branch.  As church leaders sought to work out how to respond to the Covid crisis, Susie did what she could to help them maintain contact with their congregations, by training them to use Zoom and other online conferencing platforms.

This developed into a regular 'ideas exchange,' called Anglican Futures.  How could church leaders grasp hold of the opportunities afforded by Covid to do things differently?  How could they think outside the box and make changes that would benefit their church family in the long term?

Sadly, Gafcon were forced to make Susie's role redundant.  It also became clear that they would not be the only organisation forced to reduce staff numbers.


After consultation, and with the blessing of the Gafcon UK trustees, it was decided to start something new: a charity that could continue the work of Anglican Futures and develop it by providing day-to-day practical and pastoral help to church leaders and a consultancy service to churches and organisations that were no longer able to fund permanent staff posts.

We are grateful to all those who have encouraged and supported this new venture and pray that it will be used to provide a positive Anglican future for many.