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On The Edge

What Might The Future Hold?

Two and a half years ago the first On The Edge gathering took place.  

What has happened since?

Some remain in the Canterbury-aligned structures - trusting that God has work for them there.

Some are biding their time - waiting for God to bring their plans of planting outside these structures to fruition.

Some have left - forming independent churches - some, on principle and some because they have yet to enter

into a formal relationship with another network or denomination.

Some have joined one of the bodies mentioned below.

All testify to the Lord's gracious provision.

To find out more about any one of these organisations just click on the images below

Anglican Network in Europe.png

ANiE is an authentic expression of Anglican church life and mission, authorised and supported by the Archbishops of the Global Anglican Future Conference (Gafcon).

ANiE currently has two Convocations:  ACE and AMiE

You can read more about them below.

Both convocations are overseen by the Gafcon Missionary Bishop, Rt Rev Andy Lines.

Each convocation maintains its own character; field of operation; and has its own constitution, canons and synod.

ACE exists to provide a home for faithful Anglican churches committed to making disciples of Jesus Christ across Europe to the glory of God.

ACE expresses gospel generosity within the bounds of the Jerusalem Declaration; it brings together, under the authority of the Bible, faithful Anglicans, united in substance, yet diverse in expression, rooted in tradition, yet contemporary in practice. Egalitarians and complementarians both find a home in ACE.

Gospel Sharing - Spirit Dependent

Multicultural - Transformational - Relational

ACE logo.jpg
AiME Logo Files_AiME Logo - Circle - Full - Light Blue.jpg

AMiE is a fellowship of faithful Anglican churches committed to gospel mission. 

AMiE is committed to the ReNew vision of pioneering, establishing and securing a nation of healthy local Anglican churches.

AMIE want men and women to flourish in the church, use their spiritual gifts and exercise leadership. However, they are convinced that it is God’s good plan, for the health of the church, that only men should be ordained as presbyters.

Biblically Rooted - Contextually Shaped

Corporately Active

Episcopally Served - Richly Connected


Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches


A fellowship of Independent churches with members of the family across England, Scotland and Wales. Their  mission is to see those Independent churches working together with a big vision: to reach Britain for Christ.

FIEC maintains that the role of pastor and elder is open only to suitably qualified men, and that women have a very significant place in the ministry of the church.


International Presbyterian Church

and the 

Evangelical Presbyterian Church (England & Wales)

The IPC and the EPCEW are networks of Presbyterian churches that seek to proclaim the grace of Jesus Christ into their local communities.


Free Church

of England


The Free Church of England is a Christian church in the Anglican tradition and so rooted in a Reformed Catholic heritage. 

They separated from the established Church of England in the course of the 19th Century, but recently their orders have been recognised by the Church of England.

Episcopal - Evangelical - Liturgical

NB: These are just the choices that Anglican Futures is aware that people have made. 

 Inclusion does not equate to a recommendation

and if there are alternatives that we have missed off this list, please do not take that as a form of disapproval.  

On The Edge will give you the opportunity to meet with people who have made different choices and discover why they chose that path.

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