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Moving Forward advert 2.png

21/04/21 10am

22/04/21  7.45pm

Moving Forward

What will your church look like in 2025? How can you make good decisions when the goalposts keep moving? How can we better help our church families prepare for the future?  

Talking about Sex and Sexuality.png

12/05/21  10am

13/05/21  7.45pm

Sex and Sexuality

How can our churches become places of hope and healing?  A chance to to think more deeply about how we approach sex and sexuality in our churches, with Ed Shaw, minister and author.

Funding Advert.png

26/05/21   10am

27/05/21    2pm

27/05/21    7.45pm

Funding the Future

How will you fund your church in the future?  What are the challenges and opportunities for future Anglican ministry in the UK and Europe? What might a new model of funding look like?