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On The Edge

On the Edge is a confidential gathering for clergy or lay leaders

who are thinking about whether they can stay

in the Canterbury-aligned Anglican structures of the UK and Europe.

(Church of England, Church in Wales, Church of Ireland and Scottish Episcopal Church)

We understand that to contemplate leaving traditional Anglican structures is not something that can be done lightly.

The range and sensitivity of the issues involved, together with an understandable desire for confidentiality, can leave many people feeling isolated and ‘on the edge’ in more ways than one.


On The Edge offers you the chance to get away with your family, or a trusted friend, for 24 hours in a relaxed and comfortable setting. 

On The Edge gives you the opportunity to meet with others who are wrestling with the same ecclesiological, practical and pastoral conundrums in a confidential and supportive environment.

There will be time to pray and worship together; to hear from those with theological, financial and legal expertise; to ask questions

and share burdens; and to place your concerns in a global context.

On The Edge offers the chance to speak with those who share your concerns and have made, or are in the process of making,

a variety of decisions about their futures.   It is part of a confidential, informal, ongoing conversation.


On The Edge is not a formal conference, nor is it a conveyor belt.

Anglican Futures is committed to serving all faithful Anglicans , wherever they find their episcopal oversight.

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Each On The Edge gathering is different,

because it is shaped by those who are there, but they are similar because they are shaped by these principles.

At On The Edge, we meet as brothers and sisters in Christ, trusting in the goodness of our Heavenly Father and the ongoing work of the Holy Spirit.

We come as equals - ready to listen and learn.

Context matters.

We hope you will help others

to understand your circumstances

Your conscience matters.

We will respect you and ask you to respect those

with whom you may differ on secondary matters*.

 These are not decisions that should be made alone, nor are they without consequence for those close to us.

We therefore encourage you to come with your family**,

or a partner in the gospel, if at all possible.  

If you have any questions, or would like to talk to someone

about the possibility of joining the next On The Edge Gathering

please contact us at Anglican Futures:

Phone: 07753 690120 or email

*We work on the basis that those who attend On The Edge are willing to sign up to the Jerusalem Declaration.

**We use a child-friendly venue and there will be all-age activities for children

during the more formal sessions.

On The Edge
What People Say

I was so encouraged to spend time and be in a room with such gospel-hearted folk,  undergoing the same kind of struggles as we are.

(1 Peter 5:9)

It felt like a real band of brothers and sisters.

Our church and family became convinced faithfulness to God meant we had to leave the Church of England. All extremes of emotion swept over us - grief and fear in the midst of joy at God's provision and leading. We treasure having been able to process this in a supportive gathering, among others walking a similar path.

On The Edge was a great help.

On the Edge really helped us think robustly about the complex theological, pastoral and practical issues, as we grappled with whether to leave the Church of England, and if so when and where. The most helpful thing was to link up with others asking the same questions, forming friendships that have lasted so we can support each other through fragile times. We knew we are not alone.

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