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Can Evangelicals really "inherit the CofE"?

In the Church of England Newspaper (CEN) Andrew Carey argues that,

"Evangelicals have the numbers, the resources and if only they would have the patience they could easily inherit the CofE from the dying tribes". (CEN 14th April 2023).

Such an analysis is rather anglo- centric for those presently at Gafcon IV and highly aware of the responsibility of the English to do their best to honour and serve, not just English interests but the whole Communion

The English exceptionalism of the likes of the Archbishop of Canterbury has no place at Gafcon or in the 21st century Communion.

But that aside, even if Mr Carey were correct, which, in any event highly doubtful, would a responsible person really want the next generation to inherit a legacy of the Church of England?

Or, has New Zealand shown 'the better way'?


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