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Anglican Futures: Most Helpful Resources of 2021: "A Certain Brightness" by Philippa Ruth Wilson

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

At the turn of the year Anglican Futures conducted a survey to find out what books, podcasts, websites etc people had found most helpful during 2021. We are looking forward to hearing about some of the most popular resources over the coming months.

"A Certain Brightness" is a much-needed resource for those times in life when we feel like bruised reeds. This excellent devotional takes thirty short phrases from across the sweep of Scripture, each of which is just five words long, and considers how it testifies to the ‘certain brightness’ of Jesus. With refreshing honesty and humour, Philippa weaves her own experience of depression through these beautiful devotions in a way which will resonate with many readers as they experience suffering and hardship. In the moments when we most need the encouragement of Scripture, it can seem like anything beyond the tiniest morsel is out of reach. Philippa helps even the weariest of believers to grasp hope from the word of God. Each entry, after considering the Scriptural context and contemporary application, concludes with a prayer and a hymn. In addition to the thirty devotionals, reflecting on a five word phrase, are four appendices. The book is worth buying for these alone. They offer practical advice to both the sufferer and the friend of a sufferer, as well as grappling with the hardest ‘why?’ questions we might have. I have been greatly helped by this book and commend it as both a pastoral resource and for personal devotion.

Hugh Barne, Associate Minister at St Kea, Truro

“In times of personal darkness and pain, even the simplest or most basic tasks seem impossible. Any beneficial habits we might have fly out the window while just getting through each day is an achievement. This means the disciplines of the Christian life seem overwhelming or intolerable. We need all the help we can get. A Certain Brightness, a collection of short, pithy but realistic Bible readings is precisely that: help in times of darkness. With the brilliant idea of focusing on only 5-word phrases, Philippa Wilson gets to the heart of things without heaping on burdens or unrealistic expectations. For some, this will be just what is needed.”

Mark Meynell, author of When Darkness Seems My Closest Friend: Reflections on Life and Ministry with Depression

"A Certain Brightness" by Philippa Ruth Wilson was published by Christian Focus in 2021

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