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With Gratitude For Melvin

Melvin Tinker was the Chairman and a founder of Anglican Futures. It is a mark of the man that in notional retirement he redoubled his enduring concern for the future of Anglicanism in the UK. No one could have been better suited to, or more credible for the task - Melvin led, as he always did - by example - expecting no sacrifice from others that he would not make himself, indeed he’d often already done so. Supremely principled, passionate, hardworking, prepared to be deemed “controversial”, bold, an optimistic realist. In his generation no one analysed secular and church culture in these nations better than him, but he was no mere theorist, rather a hearer and preacher of the Word who was equally a doer of the Word.

Melvin’s work for Anglican Futures was done quietly - it was humble service, only if he sensed the flock was in real danger would he come to the fore. He was paternal towards us but never patronising and brought to everything that twinkle of eye and chirp of voice that displayed that it was a love for people that motivated him.

Just five days ago the Anglican Futures trustees received a last message from Melvin. So typically, amidst all he was facing, his concern to the end was for those who remain and the task ahead.

He exhorted us to look to our good, faithful and true Lord and to give people hope by contending for truth. The Lord blessed us with Melvin to help create and shape the work of Anglican Futures. As trustees we pray that the type of pastoral and practical care he modelled will continue to be a blessing to others.

The Reverend Melvin Tinker went home to glory on 22nd November 2021, aged 66. He is survived by his wife, Heather and three sons: Christopher, Michael and Philip.

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