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Close to the Edge

A chance to meet with others who are concerned about the future of the Canterbury-Aligned Anglican Communion to share information and pray. 

Meets online fortnightly
Tues 10.30am, Thurs 7pm



Latest from our blog - Surveying the Walls

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Welcome to 

Anglican Futures

Anglican Futures offers day-to-day practical and pastoral support to faithful Anglicans in the UK.  It is an initiative borne from many years working to reform and renew the Anglican Communion and we are committed to  upholding the 2008 Jerusalem Declaration.


We serve individuals, churches and parachurch organisations by providing a place to think together about the future, alongside the practical assistance and pastoral support needed along the way.

As our name suggests - our focus is on the future.  Our desire is to help church leaders, both lay and ordained,  assess the evidence that is available to them today, to make proactive, principled decisions that will best serve the gospel.  We offer regular free events, analysis and practical services for churches, including help with setting up charitable structures, managing change, mentoring and just researching the million and one questions that pop up in church life. 

We are convinced that the greatest challenge for our generation is not, "How do we respond to heterodox church leaders?", but the holiness with which we treat our brothers and sisters whose conscience leads them to take a different path.  For that reason we talk of Anglican Futures and offer our services to all faithful Anglicans,  wherever they find their ecclesial home.

Please let us know how we can help you.  Get in touch.

Susie Leafe, Director


Anglican Futures offers a regular online 'ideas exchange' - giving lay and ordained church leaders the opportunity to think together to find innovative ways to shape their future.


Through our blog, "Surveying the Walls", and our more formal briefings, Anglican Futures offers informed analysis of local and global affairs affecting faithful Anglicans in the UK and beyond.



Anglican Futures is committed to providing day-to-day practical and pastoral support to individuals, churches and organisations, in line with our commitment to the Jerusalem Declaration 2008.



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