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A Listening Ear

An Experienced Eye

An Extra Pair of Hands

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A Listening Ear

Church life, whether we are leading or being led, isn't easy.     

New circumstances require us to change the way we work.

 Church families can hurt, as well as heal, us.

Sometimes it can help to talk to someone who is not directly involved in your congregation. 


If you have an idea  or a question that you want to run past someone, a concern you want to share, or if we can help in any other way, please get in touch.


An Experienced Eye

You may have received notice of a CDM, or perhaps you are  thinking about setting up a charitable trust or buying a building.   You may be taking on a new member of staff, for the first time, or having to consider a redundancy.   

The list of challenges faced by church leaders seems to grow ever longer.  


Anglican Futures has access to people who are willing to share their experience with you. 


An Extra Pair of Hands

 We all have different gifts and we all know we work best when playing to our strengths.

Anglican Futures has been set up to allow churches and parachurch organisations to outsource work. 

Websites, media statements, strategies for leading churches through crises or change... if there is a task you  would like help with please get in touch. 

All initial advice is free.

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